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  1. Idaho Jeepers? Need some assistance!

    I’m 100 percent conservative from small town Indiana. I get that mindset. We feel the same way with certain “tourists” moving in. I accept everyone but not everyone does. I’m also not looking to change anyone’s way of lifeZ that any of life is how I was born and raised. Somewhere between...
  2. Idaho Jeep Check-In

    I just posted in the group, but I am looking for information for Jeeping and all around living in Idaho it is #1 on my list of states to move to. I am a strong conservative and my wife is a nurse. I will be retiring from the military in a few years and would like some opinions before we visit...
  3. Idaho Jeepers? Need some assistance!

    I need some opinions! I'm not familiar with the west to much. All I know is the typical Southwest parks, and Utah and Colorado obviously. Idaho has good benefits and cost of living for my wife who is a nurse and military retirement for me in a few years. We would like to take a trip next year to...
  4. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    If you want the Gray dash I will have my brand new JLU WIlly's in April and I would gladly swap them out for the Red I' ll pay shipping both ways.
  5. What are you paying on your 2021?

    5.1% under MSRP plus rebates from Military Auto Source and 4300 down I am at 34K @1.29% and $500 a month for my Willy's with the Tow Package and a few other add ons.
  6. Windshield Defroster Fix

    I'm glad its not just me. I looked at that picture and immediately counted how many I would use to center it
  7. Granite Crystal with all aluminum rims?

    I love it. Nice rig man. Thats exactly what I'm going to go for.
  8. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Thanks guys. I know its usually the worst cases that hit the threads, but I just have high hopes for family fun and a good build. I will be swapping out those things eventually but I want them to last at least until then. lol
  9. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    So am getting ready to finish the financing and go pick up my JLU that I ordered through military Auto Source. up until I finalize financing I can back out(with a penalty), but I have been seeing a lot of posts with the LSD issues and now Clutch problems with the 21 as well. I am now wondering...
  10. Rear 5 point child restraint?

    So I have a 2021 Willys and I am looking to never have my doors on(living in Hawaii). My wife is nervous about or 5-7 year old, I am thinking Rock Hard bar behind the seat and some good restraints, but do they have child restraints or can something safe be adapted. I understand its taking away...
  11. Naming a brand(Jeeping, Traveling and Camping Blog)?!

    I need some help.... I am having the hardest time with naming my Facebook/travel Blog. I know there are a ton of these out there, but with as much traveling as I do with the Navy and outside the Navy I tend to video a take pictures of everything. I also want to do brand highlights and a few...
  12. Granite Crystal with all aluminum rims?

    Looking to see who has GCM with all aluminum non painted Rims. Tired of seeing black and want to see what is out there, KMC, RHINO?? I know you guys like showing off pictures of your rigs! lets see them.

    Currently Serving US Navy Chief, How long have I been in the Navy?? If you can answer that we are a special breed of brothers or sisters.⚓️ -Construction Mechanic(Seabee) 2005-2016, CM1 -Master At Arms 2016 until I retire in about 5 years, MAC Deployments to Ramadi Iraq 2008-2009...
  14. Spied Ford Bronco's in the Wild! Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    One of my favorite places to go in our Sand Rail growing up!

    Thank you. I really want to do a 2.5" or 3.5" lift eventually but this should get me around Hawaii for a few years until I save up.

    Does anyone have pictures of a Willy’s in Granite Crystal with Rubi springs and maybe a small spacer. Really just looking for Rubi springs until I save for my Teraflex kit.
  17. JL Renegade Stickers.

    So I am looking for a Renegade style CJ5 or 7 style kit for my JL. I have some ideas for mine and have been searching but cant quite find what I want. I may end up custom ordering them, but want to see if you guys ave any leads. Thank you in advance.
  18. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    These are my goals. I have 5 years left to retirement from the Navy and then I am taking a year off and traveling. Great Rig and love the pictures!
  19. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Which Top is that? It looks better and darker then the stock ones I’ve seen. That’s th reason im Not getting a factory one.