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  1. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    Love your front bumper. Where did you get it or brand?
  2. Supertop Ultra Bestop for JL

    I called Bestop first thing this morning and talked to a customer service rep. He wasn’t very friendly at all and didn’t say much when I told him the issues I’ve had and in my opinion rude for all that I’ve went thru installing this top. He did give me a return item number and is having Fed Ex...
  3. Supertop Ultra Bestop for JL

    I’m very discouraged with my new soft top from Bestop. Everything went smoothly from ordering it to receiving it faster then expected. Then the install happened....ugh! First, the bow #5 didn’t have all the holes drilled into it. It was missing the holes to attach the lift assist mechanism...