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  1. Anyone had the MyTop soft top installed?

    Would be a game-changer if this was standard on all Wranglers without a price increase.
  2. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    I hope they are paying your car payment. Rental plus car payment should get it fixed ASAP. I've never heard of a car being in the shop for a month+. INSANE!
  3. 4XE production begins. Arriving to dealerships in January...?

    Who the F would pay $70k for this? 25 miles of electric range? LoL
  4. 2020 Sahara engine options

    I've driven both, get the 3.6. No premium gas is worth it alone.
  5. 2021 JLU Already Towed to Dealer at 114 miles on the odo. Owned less than 2 hours... WTH

    Get the bulletproof 3.6 and you'll be fine. Plus, no premium fuel is a huge bonus and pays for the price difference.
  6. I can’t freakin decide! HELP!

    A Jeep and a sports car make the perfect garage. But if you can only have one, the Jeep wins in my book. When you start looking at what $54k buys you, it's amazing Jeep can get that much money for these things. I'd rather have a used $27k sports car and a used $27k modified JKU.
  7. New JL owner

    A modest lift and custom wheels with 35s is the best place to start to make it look totally different. Then do the bumpers, winch, lights, etc etc.
  8. I ordered my 392 today too!

    Is the Proximity Entry package standard or does it still need to be selected? I'd definitely add it.
  9. I ordered what will be my first ever, Jeep today.

    Did got the Proximity Entry package? Well worth it.

    My 2010 Prius that was $22k new has it. Insane it's not standard when the push button part is already there. You can seriously add it for $390 and some programming? I'll have to research that. Thanks.

    Anyone else pissed that Proximity Entry isn't available on Sport or Willys? Should be standard on all the models. For this reason, I'm spending extra money for a Rubicon.
  12. Expensive used wrangler jlu sports?

    Seen the TJ market? Can't find one for under $7K that isn't beat to crap. Most are around $8-12K. These things were $17K new! lol Hell, you can't get into a 2007 JKU for under $15K unless it has over 200k miles. I'm looking!
  13. Opinions Wanted - Decent Deal?

    See what Carvana will offer you:
  14. Expensive used wrangler jlu sports?

    It's absolutely insane. This is the best used JLU in Colorado right now. 2019 JLU Sport S 3.6 with heat package, 18k miles, $32.5K. If it had the tech package, I would have bought it...