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  1. Chrysler extended warranty question

    I think as of April 2019 lifts are not included in the warranty and need to be purchased at a $400 premium. I can be completely wrong with this, but that's the info I was sent.
  2. Re-gear opinions 2020 JL Wrangler Pentastar 6spd manual

    For me in the Rubicon Manual. <1000feet above sea level Stock 33" 4.1 was fine with 6th on flat or light hills. Now 35" 4.1 is a dog in 5th and 6th, 6th is unusable, 5th is just barely as usable as 6th stock. 4.88 or 5.13 seem the next step for me.
  3. IOS 13 not compatible with Carplay? Radio replacement still not fixing it

    3. sometimes tech just doesn't work What a shitty response
  4. IOS 13 not compatible with Carplay? Radio replacement still not fixing it

    While I agree this is a good test for him to test his phone, if FCA says that the iPhone 11 with iOS 13 is not compatible then that test isn't valid as your testing a non compatible device which make the whole test null (to FCA). Its bullshit that this is their excuse but if they say its not...
  5. IOS 13 not compatible with Carplay? Radio replacement still not fixing it

    You did try an iphone thats not running IOS13 right? What other phones did you test with (version/IOS)? Its entirely possible that they are not 100% compatible with IOS 13 not saying that's acceptable but that it is in fact a possibility. If you have tested with a IOS 12 or older phone and...
  6. IOS 13 not compatible with Carplay? Radio replacement still not fixing it

    Bad wiring can cause your issue, you could actually have a bad cable/wiring that would work for Andriod auto and not work for Apple Car Play. Replacing this should be the next logical step. Headunit - replaced Wiring - untested Port - two different ports tried (reasonable to assume they aren't...
  7. Rubicon 4-Low Past 30mph W/6 Speed Manual

    I did think about 35" with 5.13 gears, this would put 2nd gear closer to the sweet spot.
  8. Rubicon 4-Low Past 30mph W/6 Speed Manual

    The big take away from this is 4Low is a no go, I will see if I can make it work in 4High "Have you looked into a tazer so you can have lockers in 4H? I wouldn’t recommend driving it like you’re describing in 4l. Brett" I did see the Tazer, the ability to use Lockers in 4high for sand use...
  9. Rubicon 4-Low Past 30mph W/6 Speed Manual

    That's disappointing because if 4low could do 35mph it would be great as its so much better compared to 1st-2nd in 4 high. Thanks for the help.
  10. Rubicon 4-Low Past 30mph W/6 Speed Manual

    I have a 6speed, in 2nd I lose momentum, in 1st gear I would have to be redlining the entire time, which is an option if that's safe. This is why I was doing it in 4low as the gearing just lined up great. 3rd to start rolling and 4th at 30-35mph in the powerband
  11. Rubicon 4-Low Past 30mph W/6 Speed Manual

    I was able to make it up the sand dune, but I wasn’t able to make it up the hill in this picture, the moment the governor kicked in I was screwed.
  12. Rubicon 4-Low Past 30mph W/6 Speed Manual

    I was trying to make it up a steep sand dune in 4Low 4th gear with lockers engaged, I was limited at 30mph when I was around 4k RPMs, this presented an issue as the governor is aggressive enough when it throttles you that I can potentially lose too much momentum and not complete the dune. I am...
  13. Jeep women with long hair - I need your help

    With the full top down, we had a shaded mesh and this dramatically changed how much her hair flailed about. Something like this...
  14. Upcoming JLU Rubicon purchase - Electronic Infotainment Package vs. standard radio/7.0 screen?

    We have been to areas and even a small town where the 8.4nav worked but not Gaia or Google maps predownloaded on two different phones (android/apple) with different carriers. The Phone/tablet GPS works most of the time but in my experience, it's not as reliable as the in-car navigation. When we...
  15. Picking up Rubicon at Jim Marsh this weekend

    I bought my Jeep at Jim Marsh, it was the best experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle.
  16. Jim Marsh: Terrible Experience

    Chad, shit happens and the treatment was not great. But don't make it a negative experience, you now own a badass Jeep Wrangler, you need to fix some issues that you shouldn't have to, but stay positive, you got an awesome Jeep and should have some good times ahead of you. Also, I see that...
  17. The clutch gang!

    That's what I read somewhere online, but you do know, if its on the internet it must be true! EDIT: I can add the adaptive cruise control to the manual transmission in the builder, so maybe I got bad info. From the build page: "Adaptive Cruise Control[1] for the six-speed manual...
  18. The clutch gang!

    I purchased a manual for off-roading, I prefer it over automatic, the 2k savings is decent and I like that in my opinion its harder on the easier parts (sand, challenging trails) and easier on the hard parts (rock climbing). All that being said, the new automatic transmission is nice, if the...
  19. The clutch gang!

    I think you guys and gals might appreciate this youtube video.