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  1. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Purchased off of ebay, a gentleman designed it with the mesurments that I needed and the design I was looking for.
  2. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Sorry I just saw your post but AusJeepNoob has the right link. That is what I watched. Sorry I just saw the post, I watched the same. This is my sub cover you will not be able to fit the old one back on.
  3. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    The sub is attached by a bolt in the back. You have to remove the side panel that is holding the sub, then remove the bolt for the sub to come out.
  4. JL Rubicon Bright White Owners Please Post Pics w/ Aftermarket wheels & Tires

    Changed to Venomrex 17 and bfgoodrich 35s no lift. Love the ride much smother then factory.
  5. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    E, the Venom gave me 2 inches out to the thread, and about 3 to the wall of the tier.
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    My Ruby got new shoes and a sub cover.
  7. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    I have my new 35s BF K02 on Venomrex, actually much better then stock ride. Cabin noise actually dropped, I spend my time on the phone and people on the other end actually noticed :(
  8. Georgia 5 Rubicon Wheels

    They are called 17s, factory Rubicon wheels.
  9. Georgia 5 Rubicon Wheels

    5 wheels, and the diameter is 18.5
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Oh can I get a link:please:
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It's things like that make me mad, now I have to do this :headbang:
  12. Tennessee Mopar Mounting Bracket Lower A-Pillar

    Which part in TN, I am interested in them
  13. Georgia 5 Rubicon Wheels

    Rubicon take off Wheels, no damage. The sensors are not included, preferably local pickup but can ship if wanted, I am able to get a quote if you send a zipcode. :clap: That rhymed $500 OBO.
  14. California White Fender Flares

    I tried to send a direct message with my number direct you get it. I could not tell if I did it correctly
  15. California White Fender Flares

    I am asking if a friend can pick them up this weekend.
  16. California White Fender Flares

    So they will fit a Rubicon
  17. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Question does it muffle the subwoofer in the back.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    :angry: oh well I tried :fist bump:
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Nice, can I get a link to the light mount. Look bad ass.