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  1. Gas mileage

    I checked at the pump today. Figured out to a little over 28 MPG. That figure really surprised me. I did think that 26 MPG was somewhat optimistic.
  2. Gas mileage

    70 MPH
  3. Gas mileage

    OK, forgive me if this has been talked about many times before. I went on a four hour drive, all interstate, yesterday. I had the cruse control on probably 90% of the time. My Jeep, 2019 JLU Sport S with 2.0 turbo said 26.3 MPG. I don’t know how far off this is, but it sure looked good. Jeep is...
  4. Doors leaking cold air

    It’s been really cold in fly over country. Haven’t seen 32 degrees in about 12 days. Just setting in a parking lot, waiting on my better half, I can feel the cold wind on my neck and left shoulder. My JKU never had this problem. Might try adding some more strips of rubber around the doors.
  5. Possible to install the heated seat and heated string wheels from Cold Group?

    When I was looking, last year, for a new JLU, I found a Sport S that Had everything I wanted except the cold weather package. The dealer told me he could not do the factory set up. He said they would install aftermarket heated seats for $600. He said he was unable to install heated steering...
  6. Poll: 2 or 4 door Jeep

    It is just a matter of what you want or need. My JLU Sport S is my daily driver. When Jeeps were only two door, I was never interested. But I have loved the four door and bought my first in 2012. Just a whole lot more practical for me. And they do out sell the two door.
  7. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    I have a 2019 JLU Sport S. Hard top. Nicely equipped, even the cold weather package. I love it. Is it better than the 2012 JKU Sahara that I had? Even with the drivers side head replacement that 2012 was head and shoulders above my 2019. It drove better and had hardly any wind noise, which my...
  8. Non Rubicon Owners - Would you have paid for upgrades?

    My 2019 JLU Sport S has every thing I wanted. Running boards, 7” screen, technology package (including remote start) and cold weather package. It’s my daily driver so I like convenience and creature comfort. And it was a lot less money than a Sahara.
  9. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    I had a 2012 JKU Sahara. Nicely equipped. It needed the drivers side head replaced at a young age. Chrysler did extend the warranty on that replaced part to 100,000 miles. I really loved that Jeep, but thought I needed a GMC truck. So I traded for a Canyon in 2016. Worst thing I ever did. The...
  10. Topless Drivers

    My first Jeep, a 2012 JKU hard top never had the freedom tops removed. My new JLU will be the same. 73 years old and not interested in a sun burn and I love the AC in the warm months.
  11. Almost 8K miles I have not ever had a better experience than the JL

    I purchased a 2019 JLU Sport S left over last June. Got a really good deal on the 2.0 turbo, with 8 speed auto. Had a problem with my phone pairing and windshield was replaced by my dealer. After that things have been great. My second Wrangler unlimited and am loving it. 3,500 miles so far with...
  12. Jeep guilt trips :)

    Thankfully, we don’t get that much snow in this part of fly over country. And my Jeep is in the garage. Our snows average around 4” . We do get more ice than snow. Once in a blue moon we do get a record buster, 12” or so. I have been watching this storm along the eastern states. I’m lucky I...
  13. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Style, visibility, looks of the 4 door Jeep. Bought my first JKU in 20012. Can’t say it was the most perfect vehicle I ever had but when I traded for a pickup in 16, I was never happy. Now with my 2019 JLU I am enjoying it very much.
  14. Triple A (AAA) vs FCA Roadside Assistance

    I personally would not trust FCA road side. I say keep the AAA. have had to use AAA and they were Johnny on the spot.
  15. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Glad those tires worked OK. I have the same on my JLU Sport S. i was wondering if I would need a more aggressive tread.
  16. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Had snow and chill index of 17 this morning here in fly over country.
  17. I can’t freakin decide! HELP!

    I think that if you realize you are talking two totally different types of vehicles here. My JLU Sport S sets in the garage beside my 2009 C6 Corvette. Totally different. The Jeep handles rain or snow with ease, while the Corvette, with It’s wide tires hydroplanes at will. Now if the roads are...
  18. Which packages are worth it for Daily Driver use?

    My JLU Sport S is my daily driver. Cold weather package tech package 7” radio hard top windows locks 2.0 Turbo automatic transmission I’ve had a Jeep before, (2012 JKU Sahara) so I kind of knew what I was looking for. My Jeep never sees any really tough off roading, it truly is a daily...
  19. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Looks like that Jeep can really cook.
  20. Question About Sahara Running Boards

    There is a market for these boards, when I purchased my JLU Sport S, I paid the dealer to install them on my Jeep. They had a pair of take offs and gave me what I thought was a good deal at $250.