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  1. Georgia Rubicon Express Adjustable LCA’s for the JL and JT Brand New in Box

    Brand new in the box. These things are crazy beefy, I was surprised how thick and heavy they are. Part number RE3722. $250 shipped in the lower 48. PayPal or Cash. Pick up also available in North GA(Buford)...
  2. Mopar Tow Harness Install

    How do you like your Leisure Travel Van? My wife and I are considering the same brand...
  3. First Diesel Oil Change

    If your engine blows, they’ll point to you incorrectly doing the oil change which they’ll say caused the engine to go. Go read the ecodiesel ram forums, it’s happened waaaay more than once.
  4. 2.5 or 3.5 lift with 37's?

    I went with the Mopar lift which gave me about 3.5” and Patagonia 38” load range C. No way would I want a D load range on a wrangler unless it was heavily armored, which mine is not. I also added adjustable track bars, LCA’s, and a falcon stabilizer. The ride on road is pretty dang good, and I...
  5. First Diesel Oil Change

    I learned this the hard way on my 2016 Ecodiesel...the maintenance cost basically cancels out any fuel savings over gas...freaking ridiculous. And if you do your own oil changes they threaten you with voiding your warranty.
  6. Would you if you could? 3.6 vs Diesel

    As soon as GDE gets their tune back up and available I would suggest putting it on both your diesels...its been the only thing that has saved many of the guys over on the RAM side. FCA has absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to the emissions on these things, I'm convinced.
  7. Would you if you could? 3.6 vs Diesel

    I had an ecodiesel Ram 1500(2016) and thank god I sold it before they started seizing and catching on fire. I'm serious, all you have to do is go read the ecodiesel forum and see the sheer amount of total engine failures, it is ridiculous. And now, after the recall and 'update', there have been...
  8. Squeaky Top

    Just figured I'd pass this information on to everyone. My 2019 had a seriously squeaky top ever since I drove it home from the dealership, I initially just chocked it up to the fact that it had so many removable parts. It finally annoyed me enough to do something about it, I rubbed a very light...
  9. Icon wheels

    It was the same hole saw I used to put a dead bolt set in my door with, whatever that standard size is.
  10. Georgia Delete

    I have two sets of these left if anyone is interested...
  11. Baja Designs: Plug and Play - Jeep JL Fog Pocket Kits

    I have the SAE version and they are still ridiculously bright!
  12. Georgia Delete

    Here’s a pic
  13. Georgia Delete

  14. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    I picked up my Icon Rebounds from Northridge 4x4, and those are the 38” Pats, mostly went with them due to the load C rating
  15. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    I'm going to try lowering mine more and see if they get a little more compliant than at 29psi...The shop originally set them at 38psi and it literally felt like the jeep had no suspension...doh