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  1. AEV JL bumpers now available

    For that kind of money I'll stick with the Mopar steel bumpers, buy a new set of rims and tires, upgrade to an audiophile stereo system, and take a mini off road vacation. Like seriously?
  2. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Looks cool. Check. Fun to drive. Check. Removable roof. Check. Great off road, snow and anywhere I want to go. Double Check. Almost as fun as my Harley but I can drive it all year. Check. Makes me the coolest Dad at the school when dropping off and picking up my 12 year old son at...
  3. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    Thanks, understood on the wear and tear, but for reference, the factory warranty does cover corrosion to 5 years unlimited mileage correct? (At least that is how I perceive it in the owners manual). I find it strange they don't cover it longer under the extended plans though.
  4. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    Question on the Mopar\extended warranty that I have never gotten a full answer on. Does it also extend the factory corrosion\rust warranty past the 5 years? Bit concern on this is the possibility of hinge paint issues.
  5. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    Yes. However, I believe once you break a certain mileage\age the price will start increasing. If you want an idea how low pricing can be take a look at this link. (You can get free immediate pricing). This absolutely blows away what my dealer offered and there are numerous dealers that will...
  6. Now I’m worried

    You will find this with every vehicle out there. We have owned Honda's for 20+ years, our last one being a CRV. (Traded it for the Wrangler though my wife still owns and drives her Odyssey). The CRV was fine, but man, hop on the CRV forums and you will learn about oil dilution, failed\horrible...
  7. Any regrets going automatic?

    No regrets. Drove stick in different vehicles for years. Don't miss it a bit with the new auto's.
  8. 2.0 Turbo owners what octane are you using?

    87 top tier only. Mileage average 24 or so mixed. No performance issues. I see no reason to use higher than that at this point.
  9. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    Me just a few weeks ago - "I should have waited for the 4Xe. It's the way of the future, and man I could save on gas". Me after reading that this is a reality - "DAMN IT- I need this NOW"!!!!!!:CWL:
  10. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    So I've been averaging 22-23 overall, 25 highway at around 70mph average. Better than I thought I would do, but I am wondering if it will get better as the miles increase. I've got 2500 on it now, and with most other vehicles I've owned, I've seen better mileage after 10k or so. Happy with...
  11. JL corrosion

    This could be very true, regarding the wide spread of it. I'm a new Wrangler owner, 3 months now, with zero issues. (knock on wood). While I'm getting frustrated reading about it on forums, I also know at least a half dozen Wrangler owners personally that have never seen nor heard of this...
  12. JL corrosion

    Reading through this post and other like it elsewhere I am completely baffled as to how this can be a thing today. How is there not a recall for this? How is FCA selling vehicles that average 40-50K in the numbers they sell them not getting bombarded with complaints to they point they HAVE to...
  13. Wrangler in the winter?

    I've only owned my Wrangler a few months but can testify to it's heater capabilities. Seriously. It's like freaking crazy inferno hot. Not even sure how they are doing that, lol. So far I have no concerns with the upcoming winter.
  14. I was pretty excited to drive home tonight...

    I look forward to foul weather all the time now, lol. With that said, I do find it interesting how everyone needs AWD, 4WD and all the other stuff today. When I first learned to drive we had a '68 Chevy wagon with a posi rear. With a set of snow tires that thing would go through anything...
  15. Heated steering wheel too hot

    I have the opposite problem. 2020 JLU. It gets Luke warm at best. Now the seats - whew, can probably get a burn off of them, lol. Anyway to test\check if it is in fact working properly? The wheel that is. Now the heated grips on my Harley - you can literally fry bacon on them if you...
  16. CarPlay stopped working...Arghhh

    Had this same issue last week on a 2 month old JLU. Swapped cables. Fixed it. I've had similar in a previous vehicle and as others have said, I just stick with OEM cables now. (Or I should learn to at least)!
  17. JL corrosion

    I think this would satisfy a lot of people. Extend the warranty coverage on this particular problem for either 10 years or lifetime.
  18. for those who ask about comfort on long trips

    1st Wrangler here - 2020 JLU. I guess I don't know what older ones are like, but honestly, it is one of the more comfortable vehicles I have driven. Great seats\support etc. The longest trip I've done yet is 400 miles, but honestly, other than our Minivan, which is like a living room couch...
  19. JL corrosion

    Honestly, I can't believe there is not a recall\class action type suite for this. Then again, don't shoot me, maybe it is not as wide spread a problem as you see on the forums? I know quite a few people at work\home with Wranglers all within the past 5-10 years of age and none of them have...
  20. Gas type in Jeep

    I have a 2020 with the 2.0T. Love it. I have just over 2k miles on it and have settled on top tier 87 octane fuel. The owners manual states 87 is all that is required, but that "optimal" performance can be had with 91 or above. (or something like that). In 2k of driving, I noticed zero...