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  1. Florida 19 MOAB performance Rock Rails

    Yea if you cover UPS I can pack for you.
  2. Florida 19 MOAB performance Rock Rails

    Yes, still available!
  3. Florida Bestop Premium Twill Sunrider for JL or JT

    MOAB performance rock rails. I linked my ad in the original response.
  4. Georgia WTB 4 Door Performance Rock Rails

    I've got some in Gainesville. How much you looking to spend?
  5. Florida 19 MOAB performance Rock Rails

    Like new performance Rock rails from a. Asking $400, Can deliver from Jacksonville to Tampa for a fee. Willing to trade for Bestop Sunrider
  6. Hardwire Parking Enabled Dashcam

    This is exactly what I ended up doing. Hopefully my post will help someone else. Shoutout to Rhinebeck01 for clearing up a lot of my confusion.
  7. Hardwire Parking Enabled Dashcam

    Please help. I am trying to hardwire using this kit from rexing but cannot figure out which fuses to piggy back on using this. I do not have the aux switches and would prefer to use this hardwire kit rather than cut into something else. I need to find one fuse that is always hot and one that...
  8. Where do you store your pistol / gun?

    Saw this thread, then randomly saw this online so I thought I’d share.
  9. Sahara w/ MOAB wheels questions

    Any before and after Pictures? I searched your profile and could only find some before the suspension upgrade. That being said- you definitely inspired me to invest in plastidip. Your grill inserts and sahara lettering look awesome in black.
  10. Sahara w/ MOAB wheels questions

    Thanks everyone for replies. I did not know how similar the MOAB was to the Sahara. After reading replies and doing some more homework I think I'm going to go with the rubicon takeoff suspension and just find a set of K02's rather than jump through hoops to make the 35's work. This, however...
  11. Sahara w/ MOAB wheels questions

    Apologies, I'm sure these have all been asked before, but in googling/searching old threads I find many contradicting answers. Through quarantine I decided to pull the trigger on a '19 Sahara JLU. I've always wanted to join the club and it's quite an upgrade from my 2 door civic. I was lucky...