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  1. Going from KM2s to KM3s?

    ran km2's on our jk they were great .. have km3's now and i hate them because i couldnt go up a slick mud hill because they wouldnt clean out but a 4cyc yj on pats made it just fine ughhh
  2. Nitto Ridge vs. BFG KM3

    km3 im very unhappy with in the mud going up a hill this past weekend and they never cleaned out and i ended up winching up ...really sucks watching a 4cyc yj with pats walk up the same hill
  3. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    She grew up a little bit I totally forgot to post pictures
  4. RATTLING!! HELP! Teraflex Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Carrier

    im having the same issue with no reinforcement i can actually see the top of the tire flex when i hit a running 37 km3 whith black rhino armory rims not sure what to do
  5. LED fog lights for steel OEM bumper vs plastic OEM bumper

    I got lucky when I bought my Smittybilt xrc , I had the steel bumper and sold it to a guy with a plastic bumper and we just swapped led lights..
  6. Sting Gray Owners: Sticker Placement

    My wife made ours and changed it up a little not perfect but I like it
  7. Pinging clock sound behind steering column in 4Low when turning

    I know it's annoying.. I tried to recreate it on wet grass but it doesn't make the sound
  8. Pinging clock sound behind steering column in 4Low when turning

    My first trip in our 2020 and it did the same thing.. I've never heard this on any of my other Jeep's..
  9. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Went from a 16 hard rock to a 2020 jlur