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  1. Jeep engine just cut out

    Thank you, I will check this.
  2. Jeep engine just cut out

    I was driving around today, (stop start disabled for info). And as I pulled up to a junction, next thing I know the engine is off and its bonging at me to put it into park before restarting the engine. I'd say I'd stalled it, but its an auto! Can't seem to find anything similar. Any ideas what...
  3. Owners Manual and DPF?

    Sorry, no link. It was more trying to justify comments made that there was no possible link between DPFs and diesel/oil dilution. Not saying this engine is anymore prone to it, just it is a potential issue with DPF equipped vehicles.
  4. Owners Manual and DPF?

    This is what I was originally looking for:
  5. Owners Manual and DPF?

    The fuel is injected post combustion. This raises exhaust gas temperatures. The increased EGT burns off the soot in the DPF. Overfuelling raises EGTs. This is basically an active 'regen'. As above, the regen is done by adding extra diesel into the cumbustion process raising EGTs. The problem...
  6. Owners Manual and DPF?

    No offence..... but if you know how the system works, you would know that DPFs do and have been shown to cause diesel/oil dilution. To create regen condition (very very hot combustion temps), extra fuel is injected into the engine to start the regen process. 99% of vehicles in Europe do not have...
  7. Owners Manual and DPF?

    The problem I've found in my experience with diesel and DPFs is that they can mask issues, and you end up with a downward spiral as things escalate. E.g. turbo seals start leaking a small amount of oil into the intake. This would usually be evident by some blue smoke on a normal car. With a...
  8. Owners Manual and DPF?

    This. Although, I don't think its an issue of no lubrication. I have no issue using stop start on my V6 JL, everything is coated in an oil film and bearings are designed for stop start applications now. The issue is that that oil in the turbo bearings will get very hot very quickly when the...
  9. Owners Manual and DPF?

    Having owned several diesels in europe, some with upto 180k miles on them, I never had a problem with DPFs. Run them on good quality fuel, and yes, a decent run once a week should be all you need. I always noticed when it was doing a regen as the instant fuel economy was quite obviously...
  10. What resolution would you want?

    I bought my JL Rubicon back in February from a dealer 4 hours away. When doing the deal over the phone, I said I want an upgrade to LED lighting. He came back and told me that an LED lighting upgrade for the headlights and foglights would be a $1500 (CAD) job, but they'd split that with me. I...
  11. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    What sliders are they?
  12. Mopar Led kit - Canada

    Thanks. I spoke to a couple of dealers and even they see the note "not available in Canada", but told me they can see stock orders to warehouses and looks like they should be able to get their hands on them towards the end of March.
  13. Mopar Led kit - Canada

    Everywhere I see the MOPAR LED headlight kit for sale, all say not available in Canada. Does anyone know why this might be? Haven't tried my dealer yet but going to ask today.
  14. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    Starting to make more sense now! Although the 2020 I drove, 2.0 with eTorque seems to go against even that press release.
  15. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    Looks like that's not so true here in Canada. Period.
  16. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    Attached is the spec sheet. This is the vehicle:
  17. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    I've just driven a 2020 that's just arrived on a dealer lot. 2.0L rubicon. Build sheet clearly has w/etorque on it.
  18. Coal Fire, JLUR build

    Looks awesome. Which engine did you go for?
  19. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    Seeing as that hasn't been updated for a long time, not sure it answers my question.
  20. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    I'm starting to question myself/info that's out there... The dealer I am discussing with is adamant you can get a 2020 Rubicon V6 with e-torque. He has been sending my build sheets clearly showing 2020 Rubicons specced with e-torque? Has something changed or is he going off duff...