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  1. Cracked Windshield Club

    I’m still debating whether to get the Corning glass or not. Will insurance still pay out with that option?
  2. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I was just trying to help locate the product, I don’t plan on getting a bolt on stinger at all. Good luck finding a bolt on stinger that meets your needs. I’m opting for a fully welded and gusseted stinger front bumper. I had one one my jk and it saved my Jeep on the rocks and left it unscathed...
  3. Cracked Windshield Club

    Sign me up. I never broke my jk glass, and the first month the jl’s is toast.
  4. Gas mileage so far

    I’m averaging 16.5 mpg. I was trying to vary my speed for engine break in while on the interstate, but it is still kinda low. I was expecting this kind of mpg once I’m rolling larger rubber, but that’s ok I’m gonna start measuring my smiles per gallon.
  5. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Now go get her! And tell me she isn’t better than some Toyota. ;)
  6. Initial Thoughts on New JL

    Everyone knows I’m biased with my love for Jeeps, but my jl did not disappoint!
  7. New EVO JL Lift Kits

    They hinted in an Instagram post that they are coming out with 4” lift springs for to use with the control arms and brackets they already put out
  8. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Not the best photo, but I got too excited and forgot to take more. My baby sister was the first to sit in it, she approves.
  9. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    My Jeep is here! Bout to hit 180 in the challenger all the way to the dealership!
  10. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    It’s jcr off-road bolt on stinger.
  11. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    My jk had my name on the sticker. I put my name in the computer when ordering so it should be there for the jl. Pretty sure, but mine still isn’t here yet.
  12. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    I've never felt this way before!
  13. Recommendations for Safe Dog Travel

    Now that’s funny! :cwl: Two Parker S’s with goldendoodle on the jl forum. What are the odds?
  14. Off Topic Questions/Thoughts Since Joining

    It’s because we have more senior citizens.
  15. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Yea we ordered together. Pretty similar builds. She actually got ahead in the build process, but I caught up and it looks like they will be on the same truck.
  16. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Love it! Cant wait for mine to get here
  17. Ohlins suspension coming for JL Wrangler!!!

    I hope this doesn't start a riot. :giggle: IFS vs Solid Axle is a hot hot topic open for fierce debate. Lot of pros and cons to both. Cool vid though... you don't see too many jeeps with IFS.
  18. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Im not trying to debate anything I'm just speaking from experience, but the "polls" are a bit like the political polls these past few years. This being a new model I think everyone assumes the worst of it will appear now in the first year and the kinks worked out from there. If yours is flawed I...
  19. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    I heard that most often the longest part of the shipping process is getting it off the train and on the truck. Mine hasn't gotten to its stop, but it looks like you are nearing the final stretch! Rooting for you, post up some pics when you pick it up.