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  1. 3.6 Torque Curves

    Will the pug lower intake manifold work in the JL engine bay?
  2. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    when It comes to exhaust I have a few questions. Would the AWE resonated mid pipe and the stock muffler still be an improvement? I really am not a fan of duel exhaust on a Jeep and I really would like to keep it as quite as possible at the same time. Would the ”pug” lower intake manifold help...
  3. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Sometimes it has a greenish tint and sometimes it has a tan tint to it. It’s what makes sting grey the best color!
  4. Kansas WTB: LED Headlights, Fogs, Turns/ Rubi Black Tex or paint fenders/ Tazer mini (not lite)

    I live just south of Wichita, $150 picked up $175 shipped. I’m using the fenders with a fender chop kit.
  5. Kansas WTB: LED Headlights, Fogs, Turns/ Rubi Black Tex or paint fenders/ Tazer mini (not lite)

    I have rubicon LED DRL/turn signals sitting in a box to ship.
  6. New York WTB: Rubicon Plastic Inner Fender Liner

    Front or rear? I have both and if you cover shipping from Kansas I will be glad to find a box and ship them to you.
  7. Personal experience with airing down stock "off-road" tires on 2021 JLURD?

    Last two years on a stock JLUR with the 3.6 in Colorado I aired down to around 18-20 and it was a pretty comfy ride. I didn’t have any issue or concerns about popping a bead and had plenty of traction on the ko2’s
  8. Kansas Rubicon LED DRL $175 shipped

    $175 shipped $150 local pickup. Located just south of Wichita,Ks
  9. Front bumpers that accept OEM LED fog lights without modification?

    That’s the same instructions I had to follow with my rubicon steel bumper led fogs. The brackets are a pain to finagle in place. Pretty sure I would have made a sailor blush when I found out the fogs were upside down and I had to flip them.
  10. 3.6 Torque Curves

    Wonder what this would do with a tune and exhaust
  11. Front bumpers that accept OEM LED fog lights without modification?

    I have an LOD destroyer stubby and had to use brackets and trim my steel bumper led fogs. It works but it is a pain in the ass. Hopefully you don’t have to use the brackets anymore. The downside of using the brackets is the fog lights seem to be recessed in the bumper way to much. It doesn’t...
  12. Looking for a reputable shop or person to re-gear in the Wichita, Ks area.

    I would like to do this myself but it would cost me more to take time off work to do it then pay to have it done. I would prefer to drop the Jeep off and not take the axles out and drop them off. I would like to pot the locker sensors at the same time.
  13. Windshield Defroster Fix

    I’ve seen the parts you have been collecting so I know it’s true
  14. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Have you tried to remove one of those caps after you put it in? Just curious how big of a pain it might be.
  15. Garvin Trail Rack 2000?

    If your just mainly needing to carry extra water have you thought about something like this? Another option for you to consider is the the garvin rotopax for the inside. I use one of these for water and love it...
  16. Ford Raptor rear shocks on JL!!!

    Any idea how much bump stop will be needed to keep the Eibach springs from coil bind? I’m also curious if they a stiffer then the stock rubicon springs
  17. Virginia Evo 2.5” Plush Coils, Front and Rear,JLUR

    If you change your mind and are willing to ship let me know.
  18. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    Good call
  19. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    Has anybody tried to grind the opening on the metal bumper for the light to fit? I would rather open up the bumper instead of grind down the housing on the light.