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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    The dealer probably means new TPMS sensors would cost the additional amount. Your factory wheels/tires have the TPMS sensors on them and whoever is installing your new wheels/tires should be able to just take out the existing sensors and reuse them.
  2. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I've heard good things about the BFGoodrich KM3. It is a good, aggressive looking tire that appears to be a good daily driver.
  3. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    You need to tap into the roll bar speaker wires. You can pull the cover off the B pillar directly behind the front passenger seat. There are two twisted pairs you will tap into. You'll need a basic LOC converter.
  4. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    It depends on where you are selling and what the local market is for that kind of thing. But typically I have seem them sold for $1,000-1,300 for the set of tires/rims.
  5. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Correct. For the lights I linked, no resistor is needed. Incredibly easy install. Maybe 5-10 minutes for each side.
  6. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    It was pretty easy. Came with reasonably simple instructions.
  7. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    It was very easy. Didn’t take more than an hour to remove and install the new ones. Good luck!
  8. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Picked up my 2021 Willys in December. I am really happy with it. To me, it is the package with the best overall value. I’ve done some minor modifications that I thought I’d share with this community. Sound System The stereo install was the biggest investment. The stock system was just...
  9. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I just finished my stereo upgrade. My first change was from the 7" to the OEM 8.4” Uconnect system. I found a like-new one on eBay for $1,100. That install took about 30 minutes and within a few hours, it had synced up with my Jeep and everything worked great. I did lose the center console USB...
  10. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I'm considering the Teyes CC3. I currently have the 8.4" Uconnect WITHOUT Alpine upgrade. The screen and features of the radio are great and the factory integration is obviously superb. But the sound quality is significantly lacking. I have a few questions. -How is the integration of...
  11. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    Thanks for the q Ugh. This is so frustrating. I was pretty unhappy with my 7" Uconnect so I bought a used 8.4" on eBay. It is awesome, but the sound quality is just not good and it isn't going to be anywhere near loud enough when I take the top off this summer. I don't like the idea of...
  12. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    Did you get this brightness issue resolved? I have a few other concerns based on what I've read about this unit on other threads on this forum. Hoping you can share your thoughts. -Integration of factory settings (aux switches, auto seat/steering wheel heat, door locks, etc). I know you...
  13. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Honestly, I would just go with the cheaper options from RedRock:
  14. Dash Lights (Brightness)

    Yes, I've noticed this. It is terrible. It is perfect for when it is completely dark outside, but at dusk or on a cloudy day, it is way too dim at the highest setting (without going ultra bright).
  15. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    This looks awesome! I ordered the Oracle Switchbacks and Diode Dynamics clear corners. I've got the same factory LED setup so I plan to run the hot wire from the Halo to the DRL. Any issues you ran into while installing? Or issues now that they are installed? Does anyone know if this sort...