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  1. Fumoto F106 M14-1.5 Drain Valve for the Wrangler JL

    If using the F106SX, it seals on the O rings. No sealer or gaskets needed. I have been using this valve for about a year and no leaks. Excellent product.
  2. Caster after AEV bracket install

    The bracket just lowers the attachment points for the upper and lower frame side of the control arms. The upper arm has the castor adjustment. It’s the square metal shim on the upper bolt. The hole is off center in the shim and how you rotate it sets the castor. If you zoom in you can see the...
  3. Caster after AEV bracket install

    AEV 2.5“ Dual Sport lift on JLUR. Got just above 3“ of lift. I used the middle setting on the castor setting. I did not get an alignment So I’m no help on after measurements. Got about 3000 miles on the lift and it drives great. No issues. If I would have known it was really a 3” lift I may...
  4. Just ordered my 392!

    Every dealer that I’ve talked to, have ordered all of their 392’s for the dealership. None have any allocations that are available to custom order now. I know they are betting that Jeep’s on the showroom floor will sell for max money.
  5. Rubicon 392

    In my limited exposure to the 392, here is what I’ve found. 3 dealers that I talked to have ordered the 392’s for dealer stock. Not customer ordered. I could have picked up an all black 392 for MSRP yesterday. If it’s true that 9000 will be built for year 22, better prices will be coming...
  6. AEV 2.5” Dual Sport lift kit...with 35s... Any concerns?

    Got the Jeep done. After a week or so the lift is 3.5”. Front track bar ordered as the front axle is about 1.25” out. Rear is about .5”. My 35’s are about half gone and I may just finish them before going to 37’s. Once the 37’s go on, I’m sure 4.88’s will be next. It just never stops! But...
  7. AEV 2.5 Rear Track Bar “Tower” Bracket

    Sorry for the picture orientation. I was in a hurry from my phone. Just do one side at a time and the axle housing will not move much when pulling the bolt out to move the "shims".
  8. AEV 2.5 Rear Track Bar “Tower” Bracket

    The instructions for the front brackets have a picture for orientation of those shims depending on lift height. Look online for just the brackets and then the instructions. If you look at the shims, they have a square notch, a round notch, and depending on the lift height, you use the...
  9. AEV 2.5 Rear Track Bar “Tower” Bracket

    I just installed this 2.5” lift that was much closer to 3.5”. It drives good, but I have been wondering if I need to change the front castor shims to the 3.5” lift position. I used the 2.5” position not knowing the lift would be 3.5”. I was racing thru installing the rear lift parts and came to...
  10. Power steps really worth it?

    Just installed the RSE with the extra armor. Wife absolutely loves them. Installed the 2.5” AEV lift also. She’s now in the Jeep before I am and will not have another Jeep without the steps. Happy wife, Happy life!
  11. Rock slide Engineering fail

    Installed easily. Wiring took about 2 hours. Taking the interior trim pieces off was the hard part. Only issue I had was assembling the connectors for the wires that run thru the floor. The connector is marked with a color of the wire that goes into what side of the connector. Just go with the...
  12. AEV 2.5” Dual Sport lift kit...with 35s... Any concerns?

    Complete. A good fat 3.5 inches. Within 1/4" side to side. All of the factory Rubicon nose dive and nose rise on takeoff are gone. Definitely flatter cornering on road. Got all steel LOD bumpers and steps. I thought it would be closer to 2.5" to 3", but it is what it is. I have a set of RSE...
  13. AEV 2.5” Dual Sport lift kit...with 35s... Any concerns?

    I am installing the same lift this weekend. The bracket kind of slots around the stock bracket. I had to inlist the wife to help install the relocation brackets in the front. Just needed to rock the Jeep backwards to get the bolts in the front arms with the new bracket. I have finished the rear...
  14. Rock slide Engineering fail

    I checked these out at the Jeep show in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. If I am to lift the Jeep and get the 37’s, momma has to be able to get in. These look like the ticket. Should have them in a few weeks.
  15. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    Sounds like you have a “trail cover” and not the “half cover”.
  16. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    For the past couple months I have been getting the Service Locker message in the dash display. Mostly on cold start and it happens once or twice. Always clears in about 10 seconds. Locker control lights are dark during these events. The off road pages display are flashing to Locked (both front...