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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    yes, standard. gotta' cover up that DEF fill port, dontcha' know. :)
  2. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    for those that were complaining about the GG windshield scratching easy/easier, you might be interested to know that the outer layer of the glass isn't the fancy Corning stuff, it's just like regular windshield glass. it's the inner layer that's different, and that's what helps provide the...
  3. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    so now it looks like a Diesel. ;-)
  4. 4200 Miles, and zero oil

    fingers crossed for you that this isn't some larger issue! the Users Manual says that there is *no* break-in period for the Diesel. (yes, i found it odd.) i'm curious; who is telling you different, and what exactly are they saying?
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    what a silly thing to say. actually, i'm neither. but clearly i have higher expectations of (myself and) those i do business with than some. i sure don't miss Floriduh!
  6. Land Cruiser > Jeep :-O !!!

    is the LSD not still a standard part of the Willys trim? it was when i got mine. (it was also part of my first J**p, but i replaced it with a Detroit Truetrac gear-driven limited slip that requires no special lube and will never wear out. i may eventually do the same with this; time will tell.)...
  7. Well, I’m gonna take a chance on the Apex Autolynx.

    so, a 3.5" lift, and you were still poking into the fender liners?! do your aftermarket fender liners actually run closer to the ends of the Lynx than stock? (i'm assuming you were running the longer version of the Lynx, correct?)
  8. Well, I’m gonna take a chance on the Apex Autolynx.

    can you give us an idea of how much front suspension lift you're running in these pics? trying to count on whether or not i'm going to need to trim fender liners, as things are a little bit different under there for the diesels,..
  9. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    i would have to black out those white letters for sure now; seeing them in the inside of the tires would just rub my fur backward! 😆 upside is that the blacking-out would not be so obvious when the letters were on the inside as when on the outside.
  10. Important for those that have a brand new Jeep - check your fuses!

    when i went to pick up my Willys Diesel, part of my acceptance inspection was to check the fuses. as expected, approx 50% of the fuses were loose enough to require re-seating, and 100% of the relays were loose. i would also advise people to check not only the tire pressure, but the wheel lug...
  11. 35" and 37" effect on MPG

    did you re-gear? if yes, to what ratio? how did you adjust your speedo/odo to compensate for the larger tire size?
  12. Cool Tech H3R Fire Extinguisher Kit

    i've been trying to talk myself out of buying the black version because i love how they look, but am probably going to cave and get the red one because that's what most people would be looking for. that black one sure looks great though!
  13. Apex AutoLYNX quick sway bar disconnect solution

    very interesting; perfect picture, thanks. i have to wonder if there’s going to be enough line on my Mopar 2” diesel lift, since it brought the front up over 4”!
  14. Apex AutoLYNX quick sway bar disconnect solution

    assuming they're stock, how much slack do you have left in your brake (and ABS) lines at full droop?
  15. Tazer Mini JL - Question about what is lost?

    odds are far greater to me that someone would lift the hood and steal a battery because J**p didn’t see fit to tie the hood switches in to the alarm. a Tazer Mini left plugged in can tie the hood switches in to the alarm and handle that (like J**p should have in the first place).
  16. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    yeah, i know the heritage; still just labelling/advertising then as now, and went in the trash the first week. would be covered up anyway by the tailgate reinforcement that should have been stock, or at least an available option on the Willys.
  17. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    do the gas Willys not come with a fuel door? my Diesel Willys did,... probably because the DEF cap and the bright green Diesel fuel cap would be too weird for some people to look at? ;) FWIW, i also yanked the "4WD" sticker off the tailgate (i mean, who cares? isn't that what J**ps are...
  18. Diesel Lift Kit?

    not even for a company that lauds itself as a premium supplier doing something they've been doing for years? we have had different experiences, and may have different expectations. i know i'm not able to work to a standard that low. sadly, there's plenty of evidence that mechanics are not all...
  19. % of Diesels with major problems?

    no. i've tried smelling the diesel while working it in the dirt, and can't smell a dang thing. i think a lot of people just have it stuck in their heads that a diesel is supposed to smell and be noisy, in spite of the fact that the modern small turbo-diesels are neither.
  20. Are you re-gearing for 35s or 37s?

    my Willys Diesel will get 35s, and i'll be changing the stock 3.73s out for 4.10/4.11s to keep everything spinning at the appropriate RPMs. not worried much about torque (there's *plenty* of that!), but with the lower RPMs of the Diesel, i want to keep everything lubing and cooling itself...