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  1. Autopark Got Me

    Recently discovered that if you use your parking brake while traveling down an icy road you will successfully engaged auto park also. Quite a learning curve for those people who wouldn't consider straight line doughnuts enjoyable.
  2. Pretreating before off-roading for easier cleanup

    I use tire shine to pretreat any areas under my jeep for this purpose. Mud does not stick to it near as well as porous plastic or uncoated paint. I typically by the local auto parts store brand and apply liberally.
  3. 2 door ver. 4 door

    What kind of person would buy a two door?
  4. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    Can you share what you had to trim?
  5. Rock lights installed want them to follow dome lights

    The aux switch and the courtesy light come from the same source, so you will only have twelve volts fed to the light in any of these scenarios.
  6. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    I've noticed mine doing it before, especially when braking a little more aggressively from a higher rate of speed. Personally I like it as it transfers some of the load from the brake pads to the driveline.
  7. Two (naive) caster questions

    I use an ios app called "bubble level" to measure this angle. There is a flat area inboard adjacent to the ball joints that I have found to be +- .5 degrees of the caster when measured on a machine.
  8. Two (naive) caster questions

    A ratchet strap works well to make small adjustments to line up the bolt holes after the control arm lengths are changed.
  9. New Lift and suspension = stiff ride???

    The 3.3 SP2's have an additional adjustment that can be made for "cold weather" by rotating the body of the shock in addition to the two stage adjustable knob. I have utilized all of these.
  10. New Lift and suspension = stiff ride???

    Falcons are notoriously stiff, I have heard some people run the two door versions in their JLU's. I have the adjustables and share your opinion.
  11. Adjustable or Fixed Lower Control Arms?

    Mostly preference, In the more affordable short arm category. Some brands do utilize different technology in the bushings. If you are truly set up at 3.5 degrees of caster, you are going to be so satisfied to operate beyond 6 degrees that any purchase that gets you there will be satisfactory.
  12. Adjustable or Fixed Lower Control Arms?

    The steering characteristics of proper caster given the poor quality JL steering is invaluable. I am certain you will be pleased with your purchase if you get it adjusted to 6.5-8 degrees.
  13. Brand New and Going Up!

    I am not sure if this is considered parked in a garage, but yes every control arm bracket was removed before I received my permanent license plate.
  14. North Alabama roll call

    Do you have a copy of this map or an address to the ranger station?
  15. JL Audio Complete sound upgrade *LiteBrite* Video

    specifically related to 2 door audio upgrades?
  16. Teraflex Falcon 3.3: Way to soften?

    let me attempt a better explanation/illustration... If you disconnect the lower shock mount for the front and the rear, you are able to rotate the shaft to make further adjustments. You will want to support your jeep where your axle is at full droop minus a fraction of a percent to take the...
  17. TechAuthority - Need anything?

    I will look again.
  18. Teraflex Falcon 3.3: Way to soften?

    Did you rotate the shaft to the cold/soft setting? This adjustment is independent of the knob.
  19. TechAuthority - Need anything?

    looks like they replaced those with push clips on the newer ones, not sure what it will take to keep them in place without a fastener.... thank you for the feedback.