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  1. Any JL Toys / Matchbox Yet?

    It really doesn't get cooler than the Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4 Rubicon. It's an 1/24 scale RC crawler. Another user had posted this and I love scale RC, so I picked one up and it's amazing. Incredibly detailed, licensed body, licensed Nitto Ridge Grapplers...
  2. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    As I apply braking pressure, the downshifts can be felt slowing down the vehicle. Is that normal behavior then? It's not super abrupt, I'm just not used to it. Then again, I've only ever driven standard transmission cars until now.
  3. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    That's a good suggestion, that's kinda what I was thinking too. Give it time to relearn habits maybe and then go from there.
  4. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    I think maybe i'm being too apprehensive while driving because i'm babying this thing. It's my first brand new vehicle. I drove it a little different today and didn't notice it as intensely. So maybe it'll turn out to be a case of design and learned driving habits. Never owned a Wrangler before...
  5. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    Yea it doesn't feel kosher. I'll make an appoinment to have it checked out. I was curious if anyone else had experienced anything similar.
  6. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    Nearly 2500 miles on the Jeep
  7. Is this engine braking or an issue?

    I have a JLUR with 3.6/8speed and upshifting is seamless, however when braking, the downshift kicks are often pretty noticeable. Especially into 3rd and 2nd. I could be applying even braking pressure and as it shifts down and reaches 3rd and 2nd, the kick into those gears feels noticeable and...
  8. Understanding ESS and Etorque

    I have a '21 JLUR equipped with the 3.6 Etorque engine. If I understand correctly, then the BSG is responsible for starting the engine during an ESS situation. However, my question is during initial startup, is a standard starter motor used? It sounds as if it uses a standard starter on colds...
  9. Is it too much to ask?

    I've had my Sarge Green '21 Rubicon for almost 3 weeks before it was even washed. I repeatedly reminded the dealer NOT to wash the vehicle when it arrived and if there was plastic on the panels, then to leave it in place. It was well worth driving a dirty Jeep for a little bit until I made it to...
  10. Difficulty with 4Lo

    Thanks! This is what worked perfectly for me.
  11. Difficulty with 4Lo

    Ok, so I went in and out of 4hi and 4lo a good 15 times or so, this time at 1mph and it has become like butter in comparison. No grinding, shift it with authority, but not slamming the selector while rolling in neutral seemed to be what she liked, so manual lied to me I guess. It stated 2-3mph...
  12. Difficulty with 4Lo

    I'm going to try it out more in an empty lot today. Should i be worried about having grinded the thing about 2 dozen dang times?
  13. Difficulty with 4Lo

    Thanks, that's what i've been doing, but it grinds sometimes or clunks/slaps hard when it goes in without grinding. How much noise is normal?
  14. Difficulty with 4Lo

    So i've driven a few Wranglers, a JKUR and JKUS as well as JL Sport. I've put them all in 4lo from a standstill with no issue. I took delivery of my new JLUR yesterday and have had nothing but issues trying to get into 4lo. From a dead stop, trans in nuetral it's doesn't want to go into 4lo...
  15. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Ordered 9/19 Sarge Green JLUR. -10/19 Build found via Crypto -10/22 Sticker found via Crypto -10/22 Dealer as well as Jeep Chat confirmed i'm in the "shipping stage" I live in Toledo and Jeep is less than 10 mins across town, so i'm curious how long shipping will take. Anyone ever order a Jeep...