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  1. Dogs in the snow. Lets see em.

    Awesome looking dogs - who's got the 2nd job to cover food for the three of them? :)
  2. All Electric Jeep Wrangler BEV Concept to be Revealed at Easter Jeep Safari!

    Interesting, I pulled the 2% from the article below (US sales and market share % mid-page). It's close enough that it doesn't make a difference, but the growth rates are definitely indicative of a coming shift in buying preferences. One of the Asian manufacturers will come up with an affordable...
  3. All Electric Jeep Wrangler BEV Concept to be Revealed at Easter Jeep Safari!

    Tesla last year sold almost 300k units in the US, which is 2% market share. The overall EV market wasn't likely much higher than that. I'd bet you see an extra point this year (so 50% growth) as Tesla added capacity and new models from other suppliers are coming out. 2022 has another wave of new...
  4. 2021 Wrangler Willy's - two weeks since purcase - 300 miles on it - won't start

    If the dealer isn't financing the Jeep, why would they even care? I doubt they placed it there after, more likely they forgot to remove it when he took delivery.
  5. Navigation: Where no cell service, GPS or does the Uconnect 4 with 7" Display have enough capability?

    The GPS (and XM) in the car doesn't work on cell service, it runs off satellite service so you should be fine in terms of reception. Depending on the trails you're driving, they may or may not show up on your GPS regardless of service or they may only show portions of the trail system.
  6. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    What's the difference between the JL and JT in terms of components, engines, etc. I thought they shared pretty much 90%+ of all the mechanicals and 100% of the electronics. How did CR get different results for the same model year? Sample size too small?
  7. Dogs in the snow. Lets see em.

    Just let him in again - had to use the metal brush to get the snow off.
  8. Dogs in the snow. Lets see em.

    Mojo last week. It was a lot worse this morning - he had small snow balls stuck to his front and back legs....
  9. California FS: 2018 JLU Rubicon Bright White

    Understood - good luck!! It's a nice looking Jeep, clearly you take good care of it.
  10. California FS: 2018 JLU Rubicon Bright White

    I have no interest in the car so not trying to start a fight or anything, but you're probably $2k-$3k over a starting point price, especially on this forum. Might have better luck at a higher price outside the forum.
  11. Scrubblade Wiper Blades

    Same here - only reason I didn't get them.....:)
  12. Scrubblade Wiper Blades

    You can always convert to the new $80 / pair off-road wipers to match the K02's on the bottom of the Jeep.....(is there an I can't believe people would actually buy this icon?)
  13. New User - Novice questions needed on JL Rubicon

    The answers to all these questions can be found on the forum, it's just really hard to know what to ask and where to search. As a relatively new owner (2019) myself, here's a few high level starting points based on what I know. - The JL models have a variety of manufacturing ailments (steering...
  14. Ideal tire pressure for 2019 Jeep Sahara JL?

    I see you're in Chicago - with all the recent changes in temps, I'm going to guess that the recent drop triggered your warning. On my Jeep (and the Sahara prior) sometimes just leaving the garage in the morning and leaving the car at work outside would trigger the warning. With all that, I'd...
  15. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    Since this thread was all over the place, I figured the article linked below was close enough to the original topic it would make sense to "revive" it instead of adding a thread. It's a Bronco, not a Jeep, but still...
  16. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    Not to get in the middle of the argument, but I will say that disabling those systems will likely lead to your insurer arguing against any coverage should any accident ever happen. That likely includes your medical coverage as well if air bags are disabled and upper body / head injuries occur.
  17. JL owners with dogs

    I've got the back seat and cargo area covered but the dog still drools all over the plastic and speaker covers. If I don't wipe it down the same day it is really hard to get out. Any good ideas on drool removers?
  18. What do y’all think?? Total loss?

    Ouch! Hope you're ok. That has to be a complete write-off. Any add-ons you can salvage?
  19. Who's breaking trail?

    Very nice - which trail / area is that?
  20. 'em

    Almost 2-year old poodle / husky mix - came in after playing in this morning's snow.