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  1. FEBRUARY trails..

    It was a blast and a perfect weekend to do it, definitely a little chilly, but the teton 0 degree bags did the trick! :)
  2. FEBRUARY trails..

    My dad and I will be in the Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead area this weekend. We are camping and looking for trails along the way (starting in Joshua tree and heading up to Walnut Creek, CA). We don't have a solid plan just yet but open to opinions or company :beer:
  3. Easiest Jeep Badge of Honor trail in California?

    This was a lot of awesome information so thank you all for sharing! My dad and I are doing a run through Joshua tree into Pioneer trail towards Bear. I am running stock and plan to give these suggestions a go, Eye of God was also on my list. We will be out there this Thursday the 11th and then...
  4. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    February 1, 2021 Day 13-17 3481/5147m We arrived late in Denver on the 6th and stayed at the Element Hotel downtown which included a much-needed hot shower & a comfy bed. The next morning, we headed to Denver airport and picked up my sister, Maxine, and her husband, Colt. Excited to try some of...
  5. Colorado 315/70R17 KM3's, Method 702's, and TPMS

    Ah man those look awesome! Yeah, that is what I have been reading, luckily you’re right I shouldn’t have to deal with that much? But definitely something to keep in mind! Congrats on the new set up! 🍻
  6. Colorado 315/70R17 KM3's, Method 702's, and TPMS

    love the set up! How do you like the KM3s? This is exactly what I am looking for but with the bronze method wheels. GLWS :like:
  7. My Overland Rubicon -- Can You Sleep In a Jeep Feature

    Awesome video man! I just finished a 30 day trip across the country and could've used this before my trip.. :facepalm: but now I am just jealous! :idea:
  8. California 2019 JLUR Norcali Bay Area $SOLD$

    If you feel like parting with any of these goodies outside of the sale, PM me! :like:
  9. California 2019 JLUR Norcali Bay Area $SOLD$

    Awesome rig! GLWS
  10. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    January 21, 2021 Day 9-12: 3032/5147m Well, it has become clear that between working full time, traveling the country, being a bit sleep deprived, & trying to see all that we can, blogging seems to get left behind… BUT we are back! From Kansas City we made our way to Badlands, South Dakota. A...
  11. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    It was very welcoming to us, kick ass bbq and beer to match. You might want to add Q39 to your list, dont always trust what you read on yelp.. or do, considering there is something like 4,300 4/5 star reviews :P lol
  12. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    thank you for checking in! mannn this trip got real, we are playing catch up today and I will post a couple entries! Work has been crazy for both of us, but we are still having a blast! :)
  13. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    January 4, 2021 Day 7-8: 2276/5147m So by now we’re starting to realize how long we’ll truly be in a car for… It gets real when you’re starting yet another 8-hour drive. Hey, this is Delaney by the way. Thought you guys might be sick of Brian at this point 😝. Anyways! We made our way to Kansas...
  14. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    Zombie Dust is a top 3 beer of all time for me! Great choice!
  15. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    forgot to add this.... Super important :P Ship Lou Malnati's Pizza | Tastes of Chicago Go get yourself a deep dish baby!
  16. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    January 2, 2021 Day 5-6: 1762/5147m New Years Eve morning we woke up excited to get to Chicago, a city that I’ve always wanted to visit and that funny enough, a lot of Delaney’s friends from college reside. We got in the Jeep and started another 8 hour day in the car. We got to Chicago around...
  17. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    This is something I was super worried about, but I am pleasantly surprised thus far. Temp has been in the teens, winds over 30 mph in badlands and a solid 75mph cruise for hours on end and it is doing great. We haven't run into too much heavy rain yet (thank goodness) but no leaks from the rain...
  18. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    mannn we almost did. I have a good amount of people I work with that live in the Houston area, but it just didn't add up for the time frame that we wanted to run. We will come down there soon though!
  19. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    That sounds like a great trip! I have been waiting for the windshield to go.. so much gravel has been dropped in these snowy states, but I am doing the best I can to keep my distance. I couldn't agree more, the JL is so smooth on the highway, its awesome! I have tested out 4L and it is...