New Garage Comments

  1. Allstars_S2
    Where did you get the twin tower graphics from?
  2. ChrisP2773
    Is this a factory color back in 2017?
  3. brewskisteve
    Nice Looking Jeep, Great color :like: I was wondering if you changed the gearing for the 37'' tire/wheels and what size lift are you running? Thank, Brewskisteve
  4. brewskisteve
  5. JLphotoman
    Hi ncapitanini,' How does it ride with the 35t on it? Did you witch out your gears? Are the tires are loud?
  6. JRMedic19
  7. msujedi
    I got the same EAG bumper for my Gladiator! I really like it. But, EAG doesn't make a front skid that mounts to the JL/JT and also meets the bottom of that bumper. It's actually a JK bumper that also happens to fit a JL/JT. They suggested...
  8. msujedi
  9. Ferly007
    What size tires? I am looking at the same rims for my 2 door. How far do they stick out from the fenders?
  10. JRMedic19
    could you upload a pic of the tires please. perrrrty please? How do those wheels fit in there with the 2.5" lift?
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  11. KevOh93
    looks so firkin good! Love my FabFours Bumper. Almost went with the same Jeep color. Awesome ride!
  12. TLoTT4X4
    Man, this mountain shot with the tent in the back is dope!! Super clean!!!
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  13. ZX6steve
    Hi there. Just bought a Sting Gray Gladiator. Looking into wheels, really like the look of your Fuel Shoks. What is the color on your wheels? Is it Anthracite? Thanks Steve
  14. brewskisteve
    I think your ride looks cool. Seems to me if you're just cruising the local sandy beach the travel issues with no lift won't be an issue. Since you deleted the fenders that also allows you less rubbing. so another compliment for your Rig!
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  15. aai
    clean build, liking the rear tire delete idea
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  16. K.O.M
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  17. tswillys
    Thank you for all your help!!! We finally got ours done thanks for everything!! Guys like you sure help building a Jeep a lot easier!!
  18. JeepNut80
    Is that the mopar winch guard? also, which warn winch model did you go with?
  19. GeepNee
    looking good... what are your tire and wheel specs?
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  20. KevOh93
    Great to see another willys ! Looks awesome