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  1. badgundog
    Thank you for sharing your build. I am waiting on a MC Game Changer 2.5" to come in and I run 35" tires. I spent about two months trying to decide between a 2.5 and 3.5 lift. Most garages are based on 3.5" with 37" tires. You have two...
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  2. dstep
    Great setup! And (obviously!) matching wheels for both the rig and the trailer.
  3. MotherJeeper78
  4. Gremlin
    I like your set up. Sorry to bother you, but you are one of the few I can find who has the sport MT on 35 inch tires. Do you have any concerns with running that size tire on the stock drive-train? What are your likes and dislikes?
  5. JLU74
    Nice rig. Where did you mount your Element fire extinguisher (a little hard to tell from picture)? thanks
  6. shekmark
    Love those red highlighted rims. I am totally copying that. I had been thinking of using the Plasti dip red but wasn't exactly sure wear I wanted it. Now I know!
  7. Phunkz
    Front bumper and winch installed this weekend. Lookin better now!
  8. JLphotoman
    Hi fyr145's the tires that you have do they make a lot of noise?
  9. NewJLU2019
    Hello, so you look like you are doing almost what the Rubicons are doing on the trail. I know they Rock Crawl more. I have gone off-road some but as New Jeep owner I haven't gone Off Offroad. I have looked at the Quick Disconnects for some...
  10. HOOKEM93
    Love those wheels! ;)
  11. JMD4WD
    Welcome !:jk:
  12. Karmic.Shift
    It was bittersweet trading in my old reliable, So many adventures that will forever be remembered. Thank you for 14 years:( Trade in: 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander V6 [IMG]
  13. Karmic.Shift
    Delivery Date: September 11 2019 Here it is next to my weekend car, 2015 Mustang GT [IMG]
  14. RIVERBOY001
    Hey Roach. Super nice build! I am going with something very similar on lift and tires and wondering what your overall height is with the top on? Just gotta make sure it will fit in the garage.
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  15. Chadfromtoronto
    Hello ~what nerf bar is that and where did you get it?
  16. JEEP ADDICT 19
  17. JEEP ADDICT 19
    That it's a beast Chris! I love it, although I'm partial to white with red wheels;)
  18. K.O.M
    KING OF THE MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Jeepney18
    +1 on the self made items. Well done!
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  20. DerekPB
    A weekend ago my parents came up to visit family and friends. Years ago dad had given me my great grandfathers "Ooga" horn that I kept and finely had a chance to put it on something... The new jeep. It's great to have something so old from the...