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  1. jeepnjam
    On March 16, 2019 I went out with Expedition JL to Windrock, TN to knock out some Jeep Badge of Honor trails. Earlier that week I installed the Metalcloak SS Relocation and FAD Skidplate. [MEDIA] At Windrock we started the day off with a...
  2. 303rider
    Looks like you installed the AUX switch. Do you have install tips?
  3. Roky
    Hey, nice rig, what fenders are those, and what are you doing for turn signals?
  4. Rubi22
    How do you like the Diabolical Slipstream? Pros and cons, look great.
  5. mnixxon
    Cool. How did you go about plasti-dipping your trail badge and door key hardware?
  6. mfflannery
  7. Jabberwock
    Installed: Poison Spyder Crawler Front Bumper Tazer JL Mini Coming soon: Metal Cloak 2.5" Dual Rate No Shock KMC XD140 Satin Black 17" Wheels 315 (35") Goodyear Duratracs Gobi Stealth Rack ACE Pro Rear Bumper w Tire Carrier Lange Coyote Side...
  8. wrangster
    You could fill up the space between the camera hood and wheel with just about anything water repellent. I used two 4" cork and rubber plant coasters which I got at home depot. Cemented them together , plastic coated them and drilled a two inch...
  9. LLRubylady
    How’s the 4.88 gears? Must drive amazing with those big tires
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  10. wrangster
    Nice leather, I had Katzkin installed on my JLUS recently. They do an awesome job with the kits.
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  11. Pandy316
    I am giving you a fist bump :fist bump: for being one of the only people on this page with a manual transmission. What is with all of these automatics... those are girl cars. :giggle:
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  12. Birchrun
    Nice Jeep setup! On the Rubicon suspension, did you just swap out the springs and shocks? Any issue with the 285/75/17's rubbing? How does the spare fit with space to the bummer? Looking at a very similar setup soon and on the fence between...
  13. jlopes68
  14. Jroc_
    That leather is spectacular!
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  15. Ghuzz
    super nice JL dude, not many 2 doors here. I wanted orange, wife said no. oh well the grey is nice too! Are those factory rims?
  16. wrangster
    Nice, how do you like the CAI? any noticeable difference.
  17. maranom232
  18. tatarin
  19. tatarin
    [IMG] This is 315/70/17 on stock suspension and stock wheels no spacers
  20. PeterPaul
    Can't wait to see pics of the new wheels!