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Retiree JL Rocking Chair Build

What’s a retired JL owner to do? This one owner, site member sourdough (Ben), headed for the back country with “money for nothing and checks for free” and has been building up his JL. This Jeep is certainly more fun to wheel around in than sitting in a rocking chair.

Below are the mods to date. Check out and follow the full build journal.


  • Removed back seats
  • Cooltech Cobra CB kit
  • color change to beige upper plastic
  • Hothead-beige
  • Rear cargo storage two level shelf above spare tire on floor
  • M.O.R.E/ARB twin compressor
  • Brawlee LED light
  • Dead petal
  • Tazer Lite


  • de-badged all and added classic style Willys 4Wheel Drive emblem to tailgate
  • Frt. Hard Rock alumi. bumper with SmittyBult 9.5 winch syn. cable
  • KC lights
  • GenRight Alum. bumper rear
  • M.O.R.E. belly Pan
  • Skid Row exhaust loop skid
  • Rancho diff covers frt.&rear
  • Hard Rock frt. CA skids
  • Rough Country rear shock skids
  • Sway bar disconnects motor flip
  • Spare tire delete with mounted
  • Backup Camera
  • Rotopax fuel cells-2x 2.5 gal
  • License Plate and lights
  • LED back light
  • CB antenna
  • EAG Rock sliders- cheap only until a decent set of aluminum. boat sided sliders are offered


  • Mopar lift
  • Synergy tie-rod
  • Synergy drag link
  • Synergy frt. LCA’s
  • Synergy track bar/steering sector shaft brace
  • MetalCloak steering stabilizer relocation bracket
  • fox 2.0 steering stabilizer
  • SteerSmart frt. track Bar
  • Superlift rear track bar relocation bracket

Wheels and tires-

  • AEV Pintle JL wheels
  • Cooper SST 37×12.5r17