Verified: CB Radio Pre-Wire in New Jeep Wrangler


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We can now share that the JL/JLU Wrangler will come pre-wired for CB radios! Whether the pre-wire will come standard or be an option is still unknown, but we think it will likely be offered as an option.

CB radios are useful communication tools for trail riding with a buddy or in a group. Besides the usefulness of being “always-on” (simple button press to speak) and allowing communication in areas without cell phone reception, it provides a quick and easy way to tease your buddies up front for the bad lines they’re taking.

CB radios can provide range far greater than that of walkie-talkies and don’t need to be recharged. And they can be a great way to chat up or seek help from strangers within your range. They don’t require a license to operate unlike ham radios.

We don’t yet have the exact details on what the CB pre-wire option provides, but we speculate that it may include some or all of the following.

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