Tail Lights on 2018 Jeep Wrangler FULLY REVEALED!


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Thanks to some well-worn camouflage on this 2018 Jeep Wrangler prototype, we have gotten our first full look at the styling and functionality of the new Wrangler’s LED tail lights!

The new tail lights are far more styled than on any prior Wrangler. While Wrangler tail lights have always looked like surplus items from the tractor supply store, these new tail-lights finally look like modern tail-lights, and have modern functionality to go along with the new look.

The tail lights have something of an hourglass shape to them — a form that is fully outlined by an LED signature—with LED brake lights and backup lights set within the outer LED ring.

One further thing of note is the exposed body-colored tailgate hinge (red here), which on the current generation JK Wrangler is covered with black plastic to protect the body colored stamped steel hinges.

You can see the various combinations of brake lights, backup lights and simple LED signatures in use throughout our photos!


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