Spotted: New Wrangler Roof With Possible MySky-Like Power Retractable Top


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A JLWF member recently spotted this 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in Los Angeles and managed to snap some great photos to share with us.  Check out the full photo set inside.

The most interesting photo is this never before seen look at the interior roof and overhead console area. In the overhead console between the sunvisors is a cluster of new levers, buttons and switches that do not exist on the comparatively spartan JK Wrangler. This button cluster immediately reminded us of the Jeep Renegade when equipped with the MySky power retractable roof’s controls. So we decided to dig deeper to confirm our suspicions…

Our sources  confirmed that we were “on the right track” in terms of these controls being a derivation of the Jeep Renegade MySky power retractable roof.  Examining the photo closely, we can see a large middle control button and two rows of switches ahead of it. These switches would presumably automatically retract the roof panels allowing them to slide backwards. The panels could still be completely removed with an updated latch (see the levers with teeth) that release from the interior. The panels would then be lifted up from the top of the vehicle and could be easily stored in the trunk.

See this MySky demo video inside for a preview of how this could operate.


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