First Look at New Folding Windshield and Soft-Top Open Air Mode


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The JL Wrangler doesn’t feature revolutionary styling (a good thing in our opinion), but it will feature new engines, transmissions and innovative new features.  Here’s a look at two of those new features in action — a new windshield folding mechanism and new soft top open-air configuration.

As you can see, the windshield can now be folded without folding down the A-pillar, making for a much easier process.  With the A-pillar staying upright, driving with the windshield folded down should also be a safer endeavor.

The soft-top on the 2-door JL Wrangler shows a new open-air mode which provides for an open air experience while still providing sun cover.  This functionality resembles Bestop’s Trektop NX Glide top which allows the rear window panels to be removed while keeping the top in place.  There are plastic supports to support the remaining top sail/canopy.

Stay tuned as we highlight more cool features like this as they’re revealed ahead of (and beyond) the official Wrangler JL debut at the end of this month!

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